Web of Virtual Worlds

Resources about the growth of new Virtual Worlds (grids), the opensource software now available to create them, creating your own sim on a memory stick  and developments that enable travel between them (hypergridding). 

Opensimulator :


The Opensim Hypergrid: explanation of "hypergrid" and "hyperlink"


Setting up your own standalone sim:

"OpenSim is a free, open-source platform for creating immersive, 3D virtual worlds. The user interface looks almost exactly like Second Life.
The OpenSim software comes in two major parts. The viewers allow you to explore OpenSim worlds, while the server software allows you to create your own world." (Maria Korolov)






Finding your way around: 



GovGrid's Hypergrid map Dec 2010


Hypergrid Teleport Network


Imprudence Viewer: great for accessing a whole range of grids and exporting / importing your own content (Mac/PC/Linux compatible)


Firestorm Viewer: http://www.firestormviewer.org/downloads/

Alternative Grids to explore: (all free to join and with public space to experiment with content creation)

Aire Mille Flux, French art grid  http://aire-mille-flux.org/

InWorldz  http://www.inworldz.com/ 

Craft   http://www.craft-world.org/ 

Metropolis Grid  http://hypergrid.org/metropolis/wiki/en/index.php/Hauptseite

New Genres Grid  http://ngrid.org/

Francogrid http://www.francogrid.org/

OSgrid  http://www.osgrid.org/index.php

Reactiongrid: Virtual world developers and Hosting for Opensimulator  http://reactiongrid.com/

How to export your work to other virtual worlds:

UPDATE- 2013

Excellent info from Inara Pey on how to export your own creations in .OXP and .DAE formats using the Firestorm viewer ( scroll down the page to the Export/ Back-up and Import section)


First log into Second Life using Firestorm.

Be aware that this export-import technique only works if you have made all the components of your build yourself, including scripts, textures, sculpt-maps etc. Click on the following pictures for a clearer view.