Saturday 2 October 2010

Caerleon Museum of Identity Opens 2nd October

The Caerleon Museum of Identity is the latest in the series of sim-wide collaborative installations by the Caerleon Artists Coalition, a project of the Virtual Art Initiative .
OPENING: Saturday 2 October 2010, 12:00-2:00PM

WITH- DJ Mommaluv Skytower -should be a great party!

"Now You See Me" , an interactive, musical installation, is my contribution.

Come and click the sign to get your own ID-Bird, find the 12 ID-clues and enjoy the absurdities and ambiguities of your own shifting Identity. You even get socks.

Click here to Teleport

On the island are works by 18 artists from around the world on the theme "Ambiguity of Identity":

    * Artistide Despres
    * Botgirl Questi
    * Cat Bocaccio
    * Chrome Underwood
    * FreeWee Ling (coordinator)
    * Fuschia Nightfire
    * Gracie Kendal
    * Ian Pahute
    * L1Aura Loire
    * Lollito Larkham
    * Maya Paris
    * Nebulosus Severine
    * Pete Jiminy
    * Pixels Sideways
    * RAG Randt
    * Sabrinaa Nightfire
    * Taralyn Gravois
    * Wotthe Dickins

There's work inside the building, up in the dome (flying cushions and all) and outside on the water. Loads to explore.

+ on Saturday 9th October Noon-1pm SLT : VB15 - Gracie Kendal presents her theatre piece with 16 live avatar models from Vaneeesa Blaylock/Company (performance artists).

Freewee Ling has done a great job of co-ordinating, building the central museum and all-purpose-artist-wrangling. Many thanks to her and to all the other artists involved, it was a great experience to meet and collaborate with such a diverse, inventive group of people!

Some great posts already about the details of this project, read more here:

Thirza Ember / SLArtsParks

Chrome Underwood

Botgirl Questi

See Ian Pahute's video of his installation here 

and Lori Landay/ L1Aura Loire's here