Saturday 15 January 2011

Architectural Jazz Jam Session

Architectural Jazz Jam -  January 2010 on Architecture Island. 48 hour design jam session focused on the seed theme 'Amalgamate' (to mix or merge as to make a combination blend; unite' combine). 

Jazz organised by Keystone Bouchard and full details on his ARCHVIRTUAL site.
It was a privilege to take part in this international collaboration of artists and contribute a spikey little riff.

Participants included: Annabelle Fanshaw, Archie Stonesheild, arklo Galicia, Camby, Chrome Underwood, DiJodi Dubratt, Keystone Bouchard, Laurel Leavitt, Maya Paris, Theory Shaw, Tiger Duesenburg, Werner Kurosawa.

This project was dedicated to the memory of Kurt Rehder, who passed away very suddenly on December 28, 2010. Kurt helped organize the Ctrl Shift 07 competition in Second Life, which explored the potential for design collaboration in virtual environments.