Wednesday 9 February 2011

"Veparella" : a Fairytale Caper

VEPARELLA : Scissor-wielding superhero created in freak sewing accident invites you to join her in a fairytale caper.

Open all hours, come whenever you like!

What to do when you arrive:

1- Click the basket of bones and WEAR everything inside

You will become part of the band of Veparellas. Your superpower? You can RUN with scissors.

**The Veparella Superheroine Belt contains everything you need

To activate it: type any of the following words into Local Chat as you climb up


2- TURN ON your MEDIA STREAM  to hear the VEPARELLA MUSIC - composed (and played) for this installation  by the amazingly talented March Macbain

3- TURN OFF your AO - (there are animations in this piece)

4- Make it SUNSET

4- To get around :
Follow the trail of Apples then
LOOK for the Tiny Rose-Bush pictures, they are DOORS: click once to OPEN them, click again to go through them.

5- Left- Click EVERYWHERE, ( hit the jumping thunderapple, have a kip in the bed, see if the shoes fit, hit the apple to shin up the hair and spin spin spin, try out a throne for size and beware of the  secret-stash apple)


HUGE thanks to :March Macbain, for composing the Veparella music
Zil Jewell for studio space at Santa Barbara City College sims. It's been a pleasure to work here
Sage Duncan of Kansas University, where i started building Veparella at the Impermanence sim in May 2010
Newbab Zsigmond of Pirats for kindly hosting the Veparella music

A big thank you also to

Pandora Wrigglesworth, creator of the "Anywhere Doors" used in this build

Additional animations and sculptmaps by:
manmoth nishi, Ulrika Zugzwang, mikeD Streeter,Lara Pixelmaid
Car99los Shan,Xoph Adamczyk, Arcadia Morales, Aseraser Core, Jubjub Forder

And to my exceptional friends for run-throughs, advice and general being-there: Yohann Emoto, L1Aura Loire, Misprint Thursday, Oberon Onmura and Arrow Inglewood