Sunday 14 December 2008


So it's finally all in place ( after one last, daft experiment involving suspending the whole construction in the air). Falling snow, rotating bikes, winged saddles, short handlebars and all.

If you visit I hope you have a great time. It was a pleasure to make and as I said at the beginning, it's my poem, my homage, my whatever i can call it without sounding pretentious, to the bike. If you too love to cycle, to see the world slowly and in detail as you ride, then i think you'll like it. If you're not a cyclist, I hope you get a bike for Christmas.

A very Happy Midwinter to you.

SLURL to Bicyclorama from here.

Thanks again to Lynsey Fleury of Woodstock for hosting this build, everyone who helped me test-ride it and Simon Kline for his excellent scripting classes inworld (also see video).