Sunday 31 July 2011

L'Orchestre Improbable & Chutes D'Image

Eupalinos Eugajin presents the Improbable Orchestra and Chutes D'Images

"One day my Cow will Come"

31st July 2011 - 1.30pm SLT 


"Where  after wearing a musical hat you are invited to sit on the giant sieve-balloon and be patient while the conductor -tries- on you a new composition (too bad for you he is also a composer)" ...with a catapult.

Part 2 - "CHUTES D'IMAGES" [Falling Images]

A collaboration with Oberon Onmura

"Open the door and let it taste you.

The balloon is back. Full of images captured in the skies of Second Life it is now secured to its mooring mast. The pilot - who already had left the scene for the Cafe - comes back in the bathtub to pour out the images into the Arena where they will fight for your attention, hoping to delay the inevitable evaporation in Time.

Watch your step or your might be in serious trouble. "

Improbable Orchestra Collision-hats - Maya Paris, Penumbra Carter, Marmaduke Arado, Kikas Babenco and Dekka Raymaker