Art in Virtual Worlds

Draxtor Despres videos about the wide variety of artists who make work in Virtual Worlds

Episode 27: Nylon Pinkney

Episode 14:  Rose Borchovski aka Saskia Boddeke 

Episode 15: Scottius Polke

Episode 12: Ole Etzel

Short introduction to art in virtual worlds by Rowan Derryth

Excellent series of articles by Dr Nettrice Gaskins, for the PBS Art21 blog

1: Virtual Artists: Immersive Discoveries in a Virtual 3d Frontier

Artists: DanCoyote Antonelli ( DC Spensley), Bryn Oh, Maya Paris, Alizarin Goldflake,

2: Performative Interventions: The Progression of 4d art in a Virtual 3d World

Artists: Colemarie Soleil, Second Front, ZeroG Skydancers, Man Machinaga (Patrick Lichty), China Tracey (Cao Fei), Bibbe Oh (Bibbe Hansen), Adzel Slade (Micha Cardenas) echolalia Azalee (Elle Mehrmand), Josina Burgess and Velasquez Bonetti of CARP,  Stelarc, Franco Mattes

3: Participatory Culture: Social Capital in Virtual Art

Artists: group show, Through the Looking glass, Virtual Art Initiative, Pirats Art network, CARP (Cybernetic Art Research Project) and University of Western Australia

5: Responsive Art: Evolving Artificiality in Virtual Worlds

Artists: Selavy Oh, Glyph Graves, Wizard Gynoid, Opensource Obscure, AM Radio

5: Immersive: Interactive Virtual 3d Art Revisited

Artists: Solkide Auer, Shellina Winkler, Binary Quandary

6: Call + Response: Collaborative Art in Virtual 3d Worlds

Artists: Misprint Thursday , Miso Susanowa, Iono Allen, Sowa Mai (Stephen Beveridge) Selavy Oh, Oberon Onmura, Cinco Pizzicata

7: Art & the Avatar: Ambiguity of Identity in Virtual 3d Worlds

Artists: Artisdide Despres, Gracie Kendal ( Kris Schomaker), Diogenes Wylder ( Georgie Roxby-Smith), Jaque Quijote ( Phillip Mallory Jones)

8: Beyond Boundaries: Art Exhibition and Virtual 3D Worlds

Artists: Maya Paris, L1Aura Loire (Professor Lori Landay) , AM Radio, Bryn Oh, Misprint Thursday, Selavy Oh, Mab McMoragh, Doppelganger show: ( National Portrait Gallery, Canberra) China Tracey ( Cao Fei), Man Machinaga ( Patrick Lichty) Gazira Babelli, Adam Nash , Christopher Dodds, Justin Clemens, Nonnatus Korhonen (Andrew Burrel), Merlina Rokocoko, Newbab Zsigmond