Saturday 10 September 2011

Crash Bang Trollop

Tired of the beauty industry's crazy tornado of consumption, manufactured insecurity and drastic solutions ?

Time to Crash Bang Trollop!

Open all hours from Sept 10th- Oct 7th  2011 @ MetaLes Performance sim 

Click here to teleport direct

Get your ninja ZAP suit at the landing point and find the 7 Trollop-gadgets scattered around the sim. Run wild, turn up your sound and CLICK everything

Dodge the needlefish, tiptoe through the aggravated follicles, help those boobs escape the underwires, wax on.....wax off, spray yourself orange , watch out for the trollop-rocket and don't forget to Vajazzzzz.

Many thanks to lanjran Choche, Ux Hax and Romy Nayar for inviting me be part of a series of sim-wide shows at MetaLes ( see more details here) and to Liz Russotti of SBCC for virtual studio space.

Also to Oberon Onmura for scripting advice, L1Aura Loire for testing and feedback and Mikati Slade for japanese translation.

Additional animations by Ulrika Zugzwang, Calla Cela, Gwinivere Grayson,  Meli Imako, Deruub Pastorelli, Chip Midnight, Remo Yossarian & manmoth Nishi