Wednesday 14 October 2009


Have you ever been in LoopyLove?

It's a Neverending Giddy-Loopy-Dippy-Sneaky-Hoppingmad-Headscratching-TotalWigOut

Interactive, musical, and animated.

Experience the 7 stages HERE

(get the notecard when you arrive, with all the details about how to Loop )

Many thanks to :

Zachh Cale for sponsoring LoopyLove at Project Z Gallery and DB Bailey for the great Cetus sim.

My friends for sound effects:

Dee Strauss- And Another thing! (
Brian Barnett- Should i Stay or Should I Go guitar riff ( +thanks of course to the Clash)
Martin Elliott - for face-flapping noises (bass player for Michael Nyman
Bob Freeman- Sloppy Sneaky Kiss

Additional Animations by : Lars Bismark, YuzienBorn Janus, FlipperPA PEregrine, Ferran Brodsky, Craig Altman, Reitsuki Kojima and Derub Pastorelli. Thank you all.

To Simon Kline for all his fantastic scripting advice, Redstar Maximus for providing building space, Yohann Emoto and L1Aura Loire for test-drives and invaluable comments.

Everyone who provides free scripts for the rest of us to tinker with, especially Ama Omega and Jopsy Pendragon.