Thursday 11 March 2010

What's an Opening without a Centaur and a Cigar?

"The Chair" - group exhibition is now open at The Invisible Museum of Post Contemporary Art  (IMPOCA)

Gazira Babeli
Misprint Thursday
Rod Mandel
Bryn Oh
Maya Paris
Oberon Onmura
Scottius Polke
L1Aura Loire
Dekka Raymaker
Pinkpink Sorbet
Magggnnus Woodget
Arrow Inglewood
tunes Meness
Jo Ellsmere

Curated by Rod Mandel of IMPOCA

BirdUp-Chimney Chairs- Maya Paris

Sit +Click your Egg

Penumbra Carter and Dekka Raymaker whistle.

Centaur and Cigar-
L1Aura Loire and Misprint Thursday ride again

Extraordinary diversity and ingenuity in this show. Explore the whole gallery, there are many levels, various rooms and some surprises (Bryn's takes some finding, so I'll give you a clue....there are holes in the floor)

 TELEPORT directly from here

Many thanks to Rod for organising such a great exhibition.

Sunday 7 March 2010

Uppity Art Toys

The Fembots are back and they're UPPITY.

Come and Blow your Top with the big Fembot, consult the Uppity Oracle and pick up your free animated Uppity Fempits.

New shop opens today!

Fembot spacehoppers/ Happy Birthday Bots/ Bellydancers and more.