Tuesday 23 November 2010

Sirens at Pirats - 23rd Nov-18th Dec

Sirens opens tonight at the Pirats Omega Gallery, 1.30pm SLT/9.30pm GMT.

Interactive sound installation.

Stand in the ocean and sing with us.

Click here to teleport direct

Group show with Miso SusanowaMikati Slade, Merlino Mayo, Maryva Mayo, Mathieul Bravin, Fahn Falta, June Clavenham, Artman Diavolo, Tehos Quar, Giovanni Cerise, Jean Coeur and Max Bobair

Many thanks to Zil Jewell for new studio space to work on this piece at Santa Barbara City College sim and Merlina and Newbab of Pirats Art network for inviting me to exhibit.

Thursday 14 October 2010

"Piezo" at BURN2 October 16-24

Every year in Second Life an extraordinary event takes place. The Burning Man Festival comes to the virtual playa and builders of all kinds produce amazing creations.

The theme of this year's festival is "Metropolis- Civilisation in the Desert".

Three weeks ago I was grinning from ear to ear and in a bit of a whirl after being invited to create a piece for one of the 6 large art plots at the Burn. I had energy sources on the brain after a friend asked...."well what's on your mind at the moment? "...and the answer was "lightbulbs". I'd seen an article about streetlights in Toulouse powered by pedestrians and went from there to discover more and more examples of people-powered regenerative energy that blew me away.

So my question became

WHAT IF..... there were a metropolis where

walking on the pavement powered the streetlights,
the roads gathered power from passing traffic,
cellphones were powered by conversation,
the energy of dancers provided enough electricity to run the lightshow at gigs,
your shoes turned your own energy output into electricity....

Sounds like sci-fi?  Check out the links at the bottom of this page.

Inspired by these ideas, i created "Piezo", an interactive, animated, sound and particle-generating 3D visualisation of all that potential people-power. (I should probably say...I'm no scientist!)

This is how "Piezo" works:

Take the teleport below to the virtual playa, make it midnight and turn up your sound.
Then click the sign when you arrive to get your Free Piezo-Power-wearables.
CLICK on your clothes to power them up.
There are 3 levels, with Piezo Fireballs, Flowerballs and Seedballs.
See and hear what happens as your energy is harnessed.

BURN2 opens on Saturday 16th October at Noon SLT.  There are 6 sims filled with great builds. (5 other large art plots with installations by Bryn Oh, Soror Nishi, Madcow Cosmos + Lorin Tone, AM Radio and Corvaire Wind. There's huge array of creative theme camps and smaller art plots PLUS The Hot Stilt Bitches of Burning Life have been at it again and have produced an amazing Flying Circus!)

**BURN2 sims will be open for another week after the 24th***

TELEPORT to "Piezo" directly from here 

Many thanks to everyone at BURN2 for inviting me, to all the volunteer staff who work so incredibly hard to make this such a great event and to super-scripter Simon Kline for his help in creating Piezo.

Thank you all and Burn on!

**Burn2 is an official Regional Burn for the Burning Man Festival in Nevada.

The Piezo-information that got me fired up:

1-"Kohei Hayamizu has a bold vision for the future: a city that is in itself an electric power station. A place where all roads, bridges and sidewalks generate electricity from the vibrations produced by the cars and people that move over them" :


2- Piezoelectricity : simply put, certain materials produce electricity when squeezed


3 -Tiny generators that harvest the kinetic energy going on around us in our daily lives


4- Cellphones powered by conversation:


5-Pedestrian power


6- Power-generating  SHOES


7-Piezoelectric road:


8- Wearable energy systems:


9- I couldn't leave out my old friend , bike-power. See the Magnificent Revolution "Projects" tab for pedal-powered sound systems and cinema


10- I was also very taken with this Californian gym that has the cardio-machines hooked up to power the lights!


Saturday 2 October 2010

Caerleon Museum of Identity Opens 2nd October

The Caerleon Museum of Identity is the latest in the series of sim-wide collaborative installations by the Caerleon Artists Coalition, a project of the Virtual Art Initiative .
OPENING: Saturday 2 October 2010, 12:00-2:00PM

WITH- DJ Mommaluv Skytower -should be a great party!

"Now You See Me" , an interactive, musical installation, is my contribution.

Come and click the sign to get your own ID-Bird, find the 12 ID-clues and enjoy the absurdities and ambiguities of your own shifting Identity. You even get socks.

Click here to Teleport

On the island are works by 18 artists from around the world on the theme "Ambiguity of Identity":

    * Artistide Despres
    * Botgirl Questi
    * Cat Bocaccio
    * Chrome Underwood
    * FreeWee Ling (coordinator)
    * Fuschia Nightfire
    * Gracie Kendal
    * Ian Pahute
    * L1Aura Loire
    * Lollito Larkham
    * Maya Paris
    * Nebulosus Severine
    * Pete Jiminy
    * Pixels Sideways
    * RAG Randt
    * Sabrinaa Nightfire
    * Taralyn Gravois
    * Wotthe Dickins

There's work inside the building, up in the dome (flying cushions and all) and outside on the water. Loads to explore.

+ on Saturday 9th October Noon-1pm SLT : VB15 - Gracie Kendal presents her theatre piece with 16 live avatar models from Vaneeesa Blaylock/Company (performance artists).

Freewee Ling has done a great job of co-ordinating, building the central museum and all-purpose-artist-wrangling. Many thanks to her and to all the other artists involved, it was a great experience to meet and collaborate with such a diverse, inventive group of people!

Some great posts already about the details of this project, read more here:

Thirza Ember / SLArtsParks

Chrome Underwood

Botgirl Questi

See Ian Pahute's video of his installation here 

and Lori Landay/ L1Aura Loire's here 

Friday 20 August 2010

TeleOctoscope Rides Again!

Opening Tonight at Formatting Heliosense's Turing Gallery in Extropia, 6pm SLT. Everyone welcome.

Click here to Teleport direct.

Step right up and see for yourself!  Peer into the amazing TeleOctoscope and instantly glimpse what is thousands of miles away as if it were right there!! 

FIRST- CLICK the sign when you get there for your Mer-mechanic suit

THEN- Wear your suit, hop into the water, flipper down  and find the viewing pods on the seabed.

TO ENGAGE the TeleOctoscope

***TURN ON your streaming media and SIT on one of the viewing pods.
Each pod will show you something different, so try them all.

There are also two lookout posts up top. Hover that mouse until you see the chair icon and click!

The TeleOctoscope has been built by cephalopods, maintained by a squad of Mer -Mechanics, and is powered by steam, tea, and chocolate. And we need YOU! The pay's terrible but you get to keep the suit.

 Machinimas - L1Aura Loire
TeleOctoscope construction+ Mer-mechanic suit- Maya Paris

 Inspired by the 19th-century invention of the "telectroscope," our contraption is an example of virtual collaborative technology and enables communication and collaboration on interactive art projects and machinima between Boston (US) and Whitstable (UK).

For information about the original telectroscope, start here:
 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telectroscope  and then you can read Mark Twain's 1904 London Times story featuring it here:  http://tiny.cc/39g20  It is a bit like War of the Worlds in the way that people became confused about whether the machine actually existed or not, but we can assure you that the TeleOctoscope does because you can see it here, and the wonders it can glimpse, for yourself.

Many thanks to Formatting Heliosense for inviting us to bring the TeleOctoscope to the Turing Gallery, to Deebrane String and Galatea Gynoid of Extropia and to Sage Duncan of K.U for all her suport.

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Drift- Machinima by Kekoa Arbizu

Drift - filmed by Kekoa Arbizu on a quiet night at sea.

Thank you!

A smaller version of Drift is at the University of Western Australia Art and Design Challenge for a short while.

Click here to Teleport and be sure to pick up and wear your Driftsong from the sign.
Then just look up, lie back, listen and drift.

Lots of fantastic entries this month, give yourself plenty of time to see them all.

Wednesday 23 June 2010

TeleOctoscope - Maya Paris & L1Aura Loire @ SL7B 2010

Step right up and see for yourself! Peer into the amazing TeleOctoscope and instantly see what is thousands of miles away as if it were right there!

And we need YOU! Get your very own Mer-Mechanic outfit from the sign and prepare to get greasy.

Click here to teleport directly.

Built by cephalopods and powered by steam, tea and chocolate, the TeleOctoscope was inspired by the 19th century invention of the "telectroscope" and enables communication and collaboration on interactive art projects and machinima between Boston (US) and Whitstable (UK).

Many thanks to Sage Duncan of KU for all her support

Wednesday 19 May 2010

Drift at Man-a-Hatta

Drift at Oberon Onmura's Man-a-hatta Gallery

Sneak in at midnight
Find the sign and click
Wear your Driftsong
Look Up
Lie Back

Click here to teleport

Many thanks to Oberon for hosting this piece at his open-air gallery on the water, Sage Duncan of K.U for time and space to build and Gardenia Mills for her peaceful island.

Tuesday 30 March 2010


NightBird at Pirats Art Network.

make it midnight
find the winged sign
collect your wings
wear a sonic egg
fly into the birdbox
perch on a nest
click the eggs
run wild on the grass

 Teleport directly from here

Opening at 1pm SLT 30th March 2010 (9pm UK, 10pm France)

Many thanks to :
Merlina, Newbab and everyone at Pirats,
Nigel Hobbins for his inimitable bird-whistling
(listen to his music here ),
L1Aura Loire and Yohann Emoto for their invaluable help.

Thursday 11 March 2010

What's an Opening without a Centaur and a Cigar?

"The Chair" - group exhibition is now open at The Invisible Museum of Post Contemporary Art  (IMPOCA)

Gazira Babeli
Misprint Thursday
Rod Mandel
Bryn Oh
Maya Paris
Oberon Onmura
Scottius Polke
L1Aura Loire
Dekka Raymaker
Pinkpink Sorbet
Magggnnus Woodget
Arrow Inglewood
tunes Meness
Jo Ellsmere

Curated by Rod Mandel of IMPOCA

BirdUp-Chimney Chairs- Maya Paris

Sit +Click your Egg

Penumbra Carter and Dekka Raymaker whistle.

Centaur and Cigar-
L1Aura Loire and Misprint Thursday ride again

Extraordinary diversity and ingenuity in this show. Explore the whole gallery, there are many levels, various rooms and some surprises (Bryn's takes some finding, so I'll give you a clue....there are holes in the floor)

 TELEPORT directly from here

Many thanks to Rod for organising such a great exhibition.

Sunday 7 March 2010

Uppity Art Toys

The Fembots are back and they're UPPITY.

Come and Blow your Top with the big Fembot, consult the Uppity Oracle and pick up your free animated Uppity Fempits.

New shop opens today!

Fembot spacehoppers/ Happy Birthday Bots/ Bellydancers and more.

Thursday 25 February 2010

Blog on a Prim- Shared media with Second Life Viewer 2 Beta

Second life Viewer 2 (beta) is available now. And we have...the blog on a prim! The first trial of this at my gallery went pretty smoothly today thanks to Torley's excellent short tutorial video here .

And the difference between this and parcel media is? It's interactive. Click it, scroll it, watch movies, follow links, get SLURLS, connect to other blogs. Works just like any webpage and yes, you can even watch Youtube movies.

Download from here http://secondlife.com/beta-viewer/ if you fancy a go yourself.

+ Teleport to Bluestocking Gallery to try it inworld.