Thursday 31 January 2013

Topophonia: 4 realizations in sound

4 Sound projects from Oberon Onmura, Alpha Auer, Eupalinos Ugajin and Maya Paris as part of Oberon's Yoshikaze "Up in the Air" artist's residency, curated by Sachiko Hayashi , funded and hosted by HUMlab at Umeå University, Sweden

Opens January 22nd 2013 in Second Life

Click the link to get to the landing point, then use the teleporters to visit all 4 builds 

and presented at Umeå University, 18th-22nd February on four computer stations, accompanied by 4 machinimas filmed by Marx Catteneo

Oberon Onmura "Nine Rooms"

Maya Paris "Bank Job"

Eupalinos Ugajin "Jazz on Bones"

Alpha Auer "listen..."

 Presentation at Umeå University, photographs from Yoshokaze blog