Friday 24 June 2011

LightRoot at Caerleon Light and Gravity show

LightRoot - a balancing act, is part of the "Light and Gravity" exhibition at Caerleon Isle, June 25 - 2-4 PM SLT 2011 (website for the show here)

Art and machinima - Maya Paris
Music for the machinima - March Macbain

Interactive- Look up, turn on your local sound and click. 

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Light and Gravity Exhibition opens simultaneously in Boston and on the Caerleon Isle sim. Sunseeker Miklos (Jason Pramas), Georg Janick (Gary Zabel) and Alizarin Goldflake (Martha Jane Bradford) will be speaking at the LIVE presentation at the Art Institute in Boston, MA.

Artists: Oberon Onmura, Bryn Oh, Glyph Graves, Luce Laval, Maya Paris, Alizarin Goldflake, Igor Ballyhoo, Shellina Winkler, Ub Yifu, Pixels Sideways, Lollito Larkham, Merlino Mayo, Georg Janick, Aequitas (Sowa Mai)

Curated by PIxels Sideways and Sunseeker Myklos

Many thanks to Oberon and oona Eiren for being part of the filming and Zil Jewell of SBCC for virtual studio space