Wednesday 4 November 2015


Mixed reality time machine magic at the Brooklyn Bridge.

International group project:
Alpha Auer aka Elif Ayiter (Turkey)
Bibbe Hansen (USA)  "The Distance Between Me and Barcelona"
Maya Paris (UK) "OohBabyKittyCatYeah"
Mikati Slade (Japan) "Pop-Atomic NYC"
Misprint Thursday aka Karina Mitchell (USA) "Readymades Hang in the Balance"
Simotron Aquila (Italy) "Going Somewhere, Going Nowhere"

Get your reality augmented, shaken, stirred and virtual HERE (open until 31st Dec 2015)

and by using the Membit™ augmented reality app on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, USA.

( in beta now for iPhone, Android version coming soon)

Project masterminded by evil genius Misprint Thursday in collaboration with Jay van Buren of Membit™ and hosted by Linden Endowment for the Arts.